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Valentines Competition Winner!

February 20, 2017 by Fairlight Dental

Congratulations to Mel Hayden the lucky winner of our Valentines Competition. Mel won her partner a professional tooth whitening by writing in to tell us why she loves her partners smile.

‘I love my partner’s smile though he doesn’t smile much but when he does, it lights up his face, the room and my heart!’

Well done Mel and hope you all had a Happy Valentines!

Autumn Newsletter

October 17, 2016 by Fairlight Dental

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April 29, 2016 by Fairlight Dental

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could solve all the problems of the NHS in a really easy way? This is so easy I am baffled as to why no one has suggested it before. I am not saying that we could cure all diseases and therefore get rid of the NHS, just saying that we could distribute the same money for far less disease.

Not rocket science this but my four suggestions are:

• As a nation we eat less and healthier
• We stop smoking
• We drink less
• We exercise more
In short we are talking prevention. If these measures were undertaken GP’s surgeries would be half empty, hospitals would have empty beds and the nation would be better off.
Here at Chepstow Dental Care there is probably not a lot that we can do about much of the above, although there possibly is, of which more later. We can however do something for Dental disease. To prevent dental disease there are another 4 parameters that should be adhered to
• Cut sugar out of our diet
• Brush and floss our teeth more efficiently
• Stop smoking
• See the Dentist and the Hygienist at least every 6 months

It is well known that those people who come more often to see the dentist/ Hygienist need far less treatment than those who for whatever reason decide to come sporadically or “when it hurts” This is one of the main reasons that we recommend our membership plans. The basic plan includes 2 visits to the Dentist and 2 visits to the hygienist per year. Coupled with 10% discount on treatment, free toothache appointments, global dental insurance and spreading the cost you can see why we think it is a no brainer. If you are one of our few patients who are not a member and would like to talk about it please let anyone of our magnificent team talk you through it.

Finally referring to the general health problems the nation suffers from it is now known that 91% of people with heart disease have periodontal/ gum disease. If that is not an incentive brush your teeth and see us more I am not sure what is!! We also now know that there are links between periodontal disease and diabetes, strokes and more is being discovered all the time