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June Offer

June 1, 2018 by Fairlight Dental

Ok, so wondering what this month’s offer is about? Let me fill you in!!

When I reached the age of around 30, loads of my friends started asking about anti-wrinkle treatments, when they were about to go on holiday. We all cherish our time off and want to look as good as possible on the beach, wherever it may be! For me, it’s generally West Wales, but hey I get a tan there too!! Most people hit the gym for 6 weeks before their holiday, watch what they eat, and then get ready for basking in the sun. Turns out that squinting and frowning in the sun give you white lines that ruin your otherwise flawless tan!! We all do it!  A good pair of sunglasses help, but ultimately, not squinting or frowning is the best option.

With our anti-wrinkle treatments, I (and lots of my friends) can testify that you don’t get them in the first place.  It’s safe, relatively pain-free and easy to get done! So if you’re worried about those 2 white lines in between your eyes or the potential for a few zebra marks either side of your eyes whilst enjoying your summer sun, give us a call on 01291 622450, there’s 10% off- enjoy!