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Our New Look

July 26, 2017 by Fairlight Dental

“Is this the Dentist?” This was asked numerous times when new patients walked into our building! For years Sian and I have been discussing ways of getting us noticed more when a fellow Mum at school said to Sian “I was sitting in traffic outside your practice the other day and until I actually saw your name by the door I never knew there was a dentist there!” I too had a friend come from London and she rang me to say she was lost….she was standing outside on the opposite side of the road!

“I thought you were a podiatrist,” “What do you do here?” And even “I couldn’t find you but I parked across the road in Oasis and they directed me here” (How many did they not direct….?) All these were other comments we had over the years.

Something had to be done. Neon signs, large banners and even getting Liz to stand outside with a sign were discussed and thankfully rejected. We decided that we would speak to expert sign man Kevin from local company “That Media Group” He was incredibly helpful and basically said “you have a beautiful building, rather than spend thousands with me why not paint it a stand out colour and I will do some tasteful signage which won’t be fortunes”

Although “Fairlight” has been the name of the practice for nearly 50 years we felt that it did not exactly tell you what we did or indeed where we are. So the name “Chepstow Dental Care” was devised and my good friend Katherine of “Spokes Design” has done all the brilliant artwork. The name Fairlight will not be lost entirely as it is the name of the building.

Gulp! We now had to be brave to decide the colour and the cost was going to be a major factor too. Various quotes later and James “Gwent Handyman” was chosen and away we went. The “Clifton Blue” colour was chosen after much research locally and we also chose a darkish blue for the window sills. Eek! Big error with the darker blue which thankfully we spotted before the scaffolding came down. The building now looked like a kindergarten! Back to Kevin and we chose the charcoal colour that you will now see and hopefully think looks classy.

This whole process has taken the best part of 2 years but we now believe we have the building we need and hopefully will see the practice grow as a result. Thanks for putting up with us whilst the work has been going on.

Finally the car park. This has always been a tricky issue as we only have a few spaces that are allocated to us. Over the years the lines and signage have faded and so nobody can tell where to park. This then causes problems with the neighbours. We will get “our” spaces marked in blue so would be grateful if you could use these in future.

Just as a footnote. I just had a phone call from an old friend in the Ascot area. “Hallo Jon etc. It’s been years etc. and by the way I have some tooth trouble can I come and see you on Tuesday!” No problem, appointment made and I was able to say “As you come down Welsh Street from the racecourse, we are the clearly marked Blue Building on the right. You cannot miss us!” It may be working already…..”Something to Smile About”